Asus Z97-K drivers download programs and drivers for Asus Z97-K

Alternatively, you can search for the driver in the manufacturer’s website. The site will list all available device drivers, including Intel Chipset. If you’re unsure which drivers are needed, download and install Driver Easy. It will scan your PC and download the latest version of Intel Chipset drivers, and will also notify you when the driver update is available.

Go though the programs and decide which ones, if any, you don’t need. If you’re unsure about a particular program, you could simply use a search engine to find out more. Alternatively, you can also use a tool like the aptly named PC Decrapifier to help you distinguish the good from the bad.

Hardware issue or error

The external peripherals can conflict with iTunes. Moreover, it can generate issues identifying the iPhone on a Windows 10 PC. Thus, you must remove external devices, like USB drives, from Windows 10. Restart the Windows computer and try to connect the USB cable to another port. Out-of-date software can restrict the Windows device from detecting the iOS device.

  • Uninstalling the problem driver will allow Windows to automatically find and install the best matched driver for your audio device during the next restart.
  • All computers need drivers to communicate with hardware and work properly.
  • Go to the manufacturer’s website to find a download or drivers support page; look for your device and then download any recommended updates.
  • Moreover, it even shows the latest and most compatible updates for them.

Wait a minute so, and then right-click your display adapter again to select Enable device. Resetting the Graphics Driver on a Linux OS like Ubuntu is a little more technical than on other systems. The external graphics adapters also have different methods to reset, which you can consult with their technical support personnel. It is, however, possible to refresh the driver by resetting the PRAM or NVRAM. Before doing this, please remember to disconnect Read more any external devices from your PC. Right-click on the driver and selectUninstall device.

How can I install the Asus monitor driver quickly?

It’s normal for Windows to auto-restart to install Windows updates and you can always disable the auto-reboot from the system settings. However, sometimes disabling auto-restart setting may not work as the problem may also arise due to issues with the system files, devices drivers, or system hardware. This trick is a bit of a secret as not a lot of people are aware this is possible to do in Windows, so check out the easy steps below on how to do this. Are you always stuck in the black screen, freezing screen when you are using your computer?

How to update drivers

Choose Windows Update from the left-side menu, and then click Check for Updates. If Windows Update finds any software updates for your PC, you can install them here. Open AVG Driver Updater and click Scan Drivers.

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